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water cooling VSD
NC HVVF Water Cooling Medium Voltage Drives
Water Cooling 
Front Access

Experienced EPC supporting 
Able to cooperate with manufacturers who use motors and/or pumps to drive their products and provide them with the most customized solution.

NC HVVF Water Cooling Medium Voltage Drives
NC HVVF Water Cooling Medium Voltage Drives is a voltage source inverter based on IGBT and cell series multi-level PWM technology.
Characterized by low harmonics and high efficiency.
Achieving output voltage of up to 18kV with perfect sinusoidal waveform and directly driving almost all MV motors without a step-up transformer.
  • low harmonic vfd
    Low Harmonic
    Complied with IEEE519-1992
  • high power factor vfd
    High Power Factor​​​​​​​
    P.F.: 0.95~0.99

     High Control Accuracy 

    With speed sensor
  • 24h

     Outstanding Reliability ​​​​​​​

    Continuous working without trip

Well-Experienced in Project Integration
Nancal Electric has strong project integration capabilities. 
We have cooperated with top-brand compressor suppliers in many famous projects in China, such as West-East Gas Pipeline.
Voltage: 3 Phase, 2.3kV-35kV
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz±10%
Power Factor: >0.95
Harmonic: THDi<2%
Voltage: 2.3kV-18kV
Frequency: 0-180Hz 
Power: 7000kW-65000kW
Overload Capacity: 120% 1min;  150% Immediate trip
Motor Type
Asynchronous Motor
Permanent Magnet Motor
Brushless Excitation Mtor
Brush Excitation Motor
Protetcion: IP31/IP54
Seismic Grade: 8-Level
Cable Entry: Top or Bottom
Front Access
Kinds of Motors
  • EPC supporting solutions, Experienced in delivering state-of-the-art equipment to project contractors, loading manufacturers, or End-Users.
  • High reliability 
  • Soft-start, speed adjustment
  • Front access for easy maintenance
  • User-friendly HMI, allowing operators to select their prioritized parameters to be displayed on the main screen.
  • Motor-friendly output, no additional heating and torque pulsation to the motor
  • Strong resistance to voltage disturbance, ensuring continuous operation under line fluctuations
  • Low voltage / Zero voltage ride through
  • Spinning load pickup
  • Auto bypass with Neutral point shift technology (patented), auto bypassing the faulty cells and ensuring the maximum output without trip
  • Multiple motors soft start/stop with a single unit, providing stable current transfer from the grid to the inverter or vice versa during transitions
  • Enhanced braking technology for large motors
frequency drives-guangzhou nancal
Pipeline Guangzhou
10kV 22MW
VFD-nancal oil and gas
Pipeline Yongqing

10kV 20MW

variable frequency drives-nancal
Pipeline Heihe

10kV 23MW

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