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HVVF used in Sinoma–Lanxi south cement kiln end fan

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The end user is Lanxi South Cement, loading is Kiln end fan.

The air volume need to be changed according to the working situation, Medium voltage VFD can adjust the motor speed on time in order to achieve the target of process control and energy saving.


Since the load is kiln end fan, the following requirements are requested on the frequency converter:

1. Air volume and air pressure adjustment

2. "Material collapse" in the pipeline will cause the motor to overcurrent or even trip ("Material collapse" means that the dust in the kiln tail pipe of the production line will collapse and fall when it adheres to a certain thickness during the production process, causing the dust concentration in the pipeline to increase, the resistance increases and the negative pressure increases, which may cause the motor overload)

3. Grid voltage fluctuation

4. The environment is harsh and dusty

5. In cement production equipment, the kiln end fan is the most important load on the production line. It is necessary to ensure the continuous and stable operation for a long time.

Nancal provides customers with the following products:

10kV 2200kW high-voltage AC drives, model is NC HVVF 10/10-2200

10kV 1370kW high-voltage AC drives, model is NC HVVF 10/10-1370

10kV 3050kW high-voltage AC drives, model is NC HVVF 10/10-3050

10kV 1250kW high-voltage AC drives, model is NC HVVF 10/10-1250

10kV 630kW high-voltage AC drives, model is NC HVVF 10/10-630

Nancal updated the control algorithm to solve the problem of pipe "collapse", which ensure the continuous production. Meanwhile Nancal's NC HVVF series inverters can guarantee non-stop operation when the grid-side voltage drops to 40%.

Customer Benefits & Feedback

1. The motor of the kiln tail fan can realize soft start with small starting current, which reduces the impact on the power grid and mechanical parts.

2. The problems of tripping and outages and production interruptions caused by "collapsed materials" have basically been solved

3. The production process of the smooth and stable air volume adjustment of the frequency converter has been improved

4. Due to the characteristics of the square torque load of the fan, after using the Nancal Medium voltage AC drives to drive the fan, the customer has obtained a large energy-saving benefit, and the energy-saving rate of this project is about 20%.

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