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  • Does Nancal Electric APF compensate for even harmonics?

    A Nancal Electric standard products have taken into account normal 2nd and 4th harmonics. If the site situation are other even harmonic compensation requirements, please communicate with Nancal Electric sales for customization.
  • In addition to capacity, what else should be considered when selecting an APF?

    Please refer to the following several areas:
    -The voltage range of the system.
    -The installation position of the CT. We recommend that the CT be installed on the load side, harmonic source side.
    -The connection method of the system: three-phase three-wire system or three-phase four-wire system.
    -The level of protection.
    -The cable entry: from the top or from the bottom.
  • How to choose the appropriate type of power filter?

    A Renovation projects: Nancal Electric will recommend the appropriate model through a professional test report that includes all information on system voltage, current, harmonic content, harmonic spectrum, and etc.
    New projects: The designer cannot get enough data and can use a simple empirical formula as reference.
    a) Distributed compensation: install multiple filters at places near the harmonic sources.
    Ih -------- Rated current of harmonic source (loading).
    K --------- Load factor, usually set to 1.
    THD---- Total harmonic current distortion.

    b) Centralized compensation: a power filter is installed on the secondary side of the transformer to compensate for harmonics in different branches.
    S -------- Rated capacity of transformer.
    U -------- Rated voltage of the secondary side of the transformer.
    Ih -------- Rated current of harmonic source.
    THD--- Total harmonic current distortion. Depending on the loading, there are some empirical values for reference. The values for 6-pulse and 12-pulse low voltage inverters are between 30% and 45%.
    K -------- Load factor, usually set to 1.
  • What is the voltage range of Nancal Electric Power Quality products?

    A NANCAL Power Quality Products are available in three series. 400V, 480V and 690V series are available for the most common voltage ranges on the market, covering 220-690V.
  • How many types of Power Quality products does Nancal Electric have?

    A APF: Active Power Filter (Harmonic compensation)
    SVG: Static Var Generators (Reactive power compensation)
    SVGC: Hybrid Static Var Generators (Economical type reactive power compensation) 
    SPC: Smart Power Quality Correction Device (Three phase unbalance compensation)
  • Does Nancal Electric Soft Starter can start synchronization motor?

    A Yes.
    However, it needs to be mentioned before ordering.
  • Does Nancal Electric Soft Starter can start multiple motors sequentially?

    A If the customer has multiple motors on site, one soft starter can start motors with completely different powers in sequence.
  • Which fields can Nancal Electric low voltage industrial AC drives be used in?

    A ESP, Main Rolling Mill, Extruder, Drilling Machine, Crane, and etc.
  • What is the difference between Nancal Electric low voltage EVFD series converters and traditional low voltage VFDs?

    Compared to conventional low voltage inverters, the Nancal Electric EVFD offers higher control accuracy for process control and also for loads that require high torque output at low speeds.
    Nancal Electric low-voltage industrial AC drives can also be used in applications where one set of inverters drives set of motors regenerative systems.
  • Does Nancal Electric can offer installation and commissioning?

    Our after-sales team is fully experienced in assisting customers with the installation and commissioning of inverters at domestic and overseas sites.
    Meanwhile, we provide operation and maintenance training for our customers.

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