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NC SPC Series
Smart Power Quality Correct Device
Three-phase balancing

Nancal Electric NC SPC Series
Smart Power Quality Correct Device
Based on SVG, NC SPC Series Smart Power Quality Correct Device (SPC) is specially designed to improve the power quality of the distribution network with the functions of three-phase unbalance compensation, rapid reactive power regulation, and system voltage stabilization.

Reactive Compensation

NC SPC detects load current through an external current transducer (CT) and analyzes the reactive component of load current by the DSP controller. Then it controls the IGBT inverter to generate reactive current and compensate load reactive current to meet the target of line power factor.


Three-phase Balancing

NC SPC detects the load current through an external current transducer (CT), analyzes whether the system is balanced or not, and also calculates the required SPC current, and sends the signal to the IGBT. Then the unbalanced current is transferred from the high-current phase to the low-current phase. Finally, the three-phase current is balanced at the source site.


Voltage Support

The NC SPC samples the voltage at the compensation point and sends the voltage signal to the DSP controller for comparison with the set value. When the voltage exceeds the Umax value, the NC SPC generates an inductive current to reduce the voltage. When the voltage is below the Umin value, the NC SPC outputs capacitive current to increase the voltage. Finally, the NC SPC stabilizes the voltage in the normal range.

  • low harmonic vfd
    3 Phase Unbalance Compenstation

  • high power factor vfd
    Reactive Power Compensation​​​​​​​




  • 24h

    High Protection

    Suitable for Outdoors

  • Multiple functions
  • High IP class
  • Remote monitor
  • Stable operation
  • Auto-reset and restart can be set
  • After compensation, phase unbalance rate<3%
  • Power factor up to 0.99
  • Modular design, easy for installation and maintenance
  • Abundant Compensation Functions

    3 phase unbalance< 3% 
    Voltage regulation
    PF>0.99, efficiency>97.5%

  • Advanced System Performance

    Safety protection mechanism

    Fault self-diagnosis, self-recovery

    Stable and reliable operation

  • Safety and Reliability

    Advanced IGBT chip

    Texas Instrument DSP chip, fast and reliable

    Perfect protection

  • Flexible Application

    Modular design

    Small size&Expandable

    Easy installation and maintenance

  • User-Friendly

    Standard 7-inch colorized touchscreen

    Graphic interface, displaying various parameters

    Easy operation

    Remote monitoring and control

  • Energy Saving

    Low loss: automatic hibernation/awakening

    Low noise: intelligent variable speed cooling fan

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