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Nancal Electric 690V converter used in paper industry


Net machine, squeeze machine, dryer, calender, rolling machine etc.

Requirements for VFD

(1) The working speed of paper machine should have a large adjustment range, the adjustment range is 1:8

(2) The speed should have a high stability during the acceleration and deceleration, The paper machine speed accuracy is ±0.05 ~ 0.01%

(3) Accurate Speed difference control, the error should be controlled within 0.1%. The speed of each part of the paper machine must be adjustable within ±10 ~ 15%

(4) Each converters has the function of speed up or down, it should have the independent function of start and stop

(5) The paper machine is kind of constant torque load, so the frequency converter with constant torque control performance and low speed and large torque should be selected, and it has higher resolution and good communication ability


Nancal Electric select EVFD series industrial AC drives, 

Common DC bus, multi-drives

Vector control with high accuracy

Good tension control ability

PLC communicate with frequency converter through RS485.

At the same time, the operation parameters and fault information obtained from the converter are transmitted to the upper computer by RS485 also. 

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