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Master-slave HVVF frequency drives used in conveyor

Nancal HVVF series drives can be used in constant torque control such as conveyor. The key control performance is to realize the coordination between multi-motors.

The application of Nancal Electric medium voltage drive in the first gas storage of centrifugal compressor in China

Storage is an energy infrastructure integrating the functions of seasonal peak regulation, emergency gas supply and national energy strategic reserve. As a key equipment supplier of compressor units, Nancal Electric has excellent on-site service technology and fast response, which has been highly praised by Petrochina Southwest Oil and gas Field Huangcaoxia Gas Storage Construction Project Department and Sichuan Huacheng Supervision Company. ​

kiln fan418312.png
HVVF used in Sinoma–Lanxi south cement kiln end fan

Nancal HVVF series MV AC drives used in Sinoma cement Industry Cement Object The end user is Lanxi South Cement, loading is Kiln end fan.The air volume need to be changed according to the working situation, Medium voltage VFD can adjust the motor speed on time in order to achieve the target of process

Nancal MV FI used in pipeline Yongqing station

Nancal MV FI used in pipeline Yongqing station Industry Oil and gas Overview Project name: China-Russia east pipeline Yongqing station Loading: Compressor Nancal products: 2sets of 10kV 20MVA water cooling VFD Input voltage: 10kV Output voltage: 10kV Rated capacity: 20MVA water cooling

Nancal MV FI used in pipeline Heihe station

Nancal MV FI used in pipeline Heihe station Industry Oil & gas Overview Project name: The first station of Sino-Russia pipeline, Heihe Loading: Compressor Nancal products: 4 sets of 10kV 23MVA water cooling VFD Model: NC HVVF 10/10-23000LO Input voltage:10kV Output voltage: 10kV Cooling method: Water cooling

Solid Soft Starter used in Zhongnanshan Tunnel

Nancal NC3S Series medium voltage soft starters used in Zhongnanshan Tunnel 18.02km, the longest highway tunnel in Asia 36sets Medium voltage soft starters Voltage: 6kV Current: 140A Loading: exhaust fans

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