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Nancal Electric Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter used in Henan coking plant

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According to the environmental requirements, the offgas in coking plant needs to be desulfurized and denitrified before discharged.

There are 4 induced draft fans on the customer site to guide the coking flue gas to the desulfurization tower and denitrification reactor.

According to the working conditions, the fans are not always running at full load, and most of the time, hydraulic couplers and the air valves are used to adjust the air intake, which causes a problem of power waste. Medium-voltage inverter can adjust the motor speed, then accurately control the air intake, and significantly save power consumption.


NANCAL Electric offered totally 4units of medium voltage frequency drives for phase I, II&III projects.

Model: NC HVVF 6/6-1400, NC HVVF 6/6-900 & NC HVVF 6/6-500

Input voltage: 6kV 

output voltage: 6kV

air-cooling converter, dry type phase shifting transformer.

One VFD drive one motor. With manual bypass cabinet.

According to the requirements, VFD can adjust the motor speed, it can also realize to transfer the motor to grid if any malfunction in VFD happened.

Services from Nancal include design, production, installation, commissioning, after-sales service, software upgrade, and etc.




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