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NC SVG Series
Static Var Generator
Reactive compensation

Nancal Electric NC SVG Series
Static Var Generator
NC SVG Series Static Var Generator (SVG) detects load current through an external current transducer (CT) simultaneously and analyzes the reactive component of load current by DSP controller, then generates PWM signal to IGBT inverter to generate reactive current and compensates load reactive current to meet the target of line power factor.
It can also compensate for harmonics and phase imbalance.
Compared with the traditional capacitor bank, SVG has the advantages of fast response and high compensation accuracy without under- or over-compensation problems.
    Compenstate Reactive Power (leading & lagging)
    Precise Compensation
    High Power Factor

    No Resonance

    Quick Response

  • Reactive compensation range: -1~1 (adjustable)
  • No over- or under-compensation problem
  • No resonance risk
  • Power factor >0.99
  • Harmonic compensation and phase unbalance compensation are selectable if capacity is sufficient
  • Modular design, easy for expansion
  • Can work with active power filter, realize the precise harmonic & reactive power compensation
  • Can work together with TSC, and capacitor bank, to optimize the compensation results with limited cost
  • On-time tracking, quick response
  • Abundant Compensation Functions

    Reactive compensation range: -1~1 (adjustable)
    No over- or under-compensation, resonance
    Three-phase unbalance compensation
    Harmonic compensation
    Reactive compensation in cooperation with TSC
    Harmonic and reactive power compensation in cooperation with APF

  • Advanced System Performance

    3-level topology structure
    DSP+FPGA, high-speed digital control
    Automatic resonance avoidance, automatic limiter without overload
    Protection: over-voltage, over-current

    over-temperature, etc.
    Communication: Ethernet, RS485, etc.

  • Safety and Reliability

    Advanced IGBT chip

    Texas Instrument DSP chip, fast and reliable

    Perfect protection

  • Flexible Application

    Modular design, small size, expandable, easy to install and maintain

    Maximum 16 modules in parallel

    Multiple types: wall-mounted/cabinets

    Line structure: 3 phase 3 wire/3 phase 4 wire

    Maximum 10 cabinets in parallel

  • User-Friendly

    Standard 7-inch colorized touchscreen

    Graphic interface, displaying various parameters

    Easy operation​​​​​​​

  • Energy Saving

    Low loss: automatic hibernation/awakening

    Low noise: intelligent variable speed cooling fan

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