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NC AH Series
Active Power Filter
Harmonic Elimination
Nancal Electric NC AH Series
Active Power Filter
NC AH Series Active Power Filter (APF) is a new type of power electronics with dynamic harmonic elimination (varying amplitudes and frequencies) and reactive power compensation (leading and lagging).
Applicable in various applications where the load varies.
  • low harmonic vfd
    Eliminate Harmonic

  • high power factor vfd
    Quick Response​​​​​​​


    Safe and Reliable

  • 24h

    Flexible Applications

  • 2nd-61st harmonics elimination, complies with IEEE519 standard
  • Harmonic eliminate rate>97%
  • Reactive power compensation (inductive and capacitive)
  • Unbalanced Phase compensation
  • Dynamic tracking, quick response
  • 2nd-61st order compensation (selectable or integral)
  • Automatic resonance avoidance
  • Automatic limiter, no risk of overload
  • Comprehensive protections
  • Modular design, easy to expand
  • 3P3W & 3P4W compatible
  • Integration of different-capacity modules in parallel
  • Hibernation/ awakening feature with low loss
  • Voltage range: 200V-690V 
  • Abundant Compensation Functions

    Integral compensation or optional
    Reactive compensation (captive and inductive)
    Three-phase unbalance compensation
    Harmonic elimination rate>97%
  • Advanced System Performance

    3-level topology structure
    DSP+FPGA, high-speed digital control
    Automatic resonance avoidance, automatic limiter without overload
    Protection: over-voltage, over-current

    over-temperature, etc.
    Communication: Ethernet, RS485, etc.

  • Safety and Reliability

    Advanced IGBT chip

    Texas Instrument DSP chip, fast and reliable

    Perfect protection

  • Flexible Application

    Modular design, small size, expandable, easy to install and maintain

    Maximum 16 modules in parallel

    Multiple types: wall-mounted/cabinets

    Line structure: 3 phase 3 wire/3 phase 4 wire

    Maximum 10 cabinets in parallel

  • User-Friendly

    Standard 7-inch colorized touch screen

    Graphic interface, displaying various parameters

    Easy operation​​​​​​​

  • Energy Saving

    Low loss: automatic hibernation/awakening

    Low noise: intelligent variable speed cooling fan

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