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HVVF used in Pipeline-Guangzhou Station



Oil-natural gas long-distance pipeline.


VFD Model: NC HVVF 10/10-22000SLO

Load: Electrically Driven Compressor

Input Voltage: 10kV

Output Volatge: 10kV

Rated Capacity: 22000kVA

Power Cell: Liquid Cooling

Transformer: Oil-immersed 

Motor: High-speed synchronous motor

Excitation method: Brushless Excitation

Power: 18MW

Rated Speed: 4800rpm

Input: 36 Pulse Rectifier 


West-East Gas Transmission is the longest distance and largest diameter gas transmission pipeline in China.

Electric's VFD is used for variable frequency soft start and speed regulation.

The natural gas compressor unit is driven by MVFD without the use of flow control valves. the VFD is able to adapt to different conditions of the pipeline by rapidly changing the speed of the compressor. Therefore, it can improve flow control and reduce energy waste.

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We designed, manufactured, installed and commission, and completed solutions in projects including phase shift transformers (oil-immersed, outdoor), liquid-cooling VFDs, output cabinets, excitation cabinets, and etc.

Customer Benefits &Feedback 

According to the industry average, VFD commissioning takes 15-18 days. In fact, the after-sales team of Nancal Electirc completed it in 5 days, achieving a successful VFD commissioning. The customer wrote a letter of commendation to express their appreciation for the excellent customer service we provided.

So far, the project is running well.

The project helped the customer to

1) Significantly reduce maintenance costs

2) Achieved significant energy savings

The power factor met the national standard and avoided huge fines.

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