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The application of Nancal Electric medium voltage drive in the first gas storage of centrifugal compressor in China


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Gas storage is an energy infrastructure integrating the functions of seasonal peak regulation, emergency gas supply and national energy strategic reserve. Huangcaoxia Gas Storage, located in Chongqing, is a key project of natural gas infrastructure construction in the 14th Five-year Plan of China, and is responsible for seasonal peak adjustment and emergency response of natural gas in southwest China. After the completion and operation of the project, the industry chain of natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing in Sichuan and Chongqing region has been further improved.


The gas injection compressor is the key equipment in the pressurization and dehydration station of gas storage. The design side of Huangcaoxia Gas Storage repeatedly demonstrated from the aspects of adaptability, investment, energy consumption, operation risk and so on, and finally chose electric drive centrifugal compressor unit, breaking the previous practice of domestic gas storage using reciprocating compressor unit. At 15:30 on October 12, 2021, the 72-hour trial operation of the electric drive centrifugal gas injection compressor unit in Huangcaoxia Gas Storage Pilot Test Project successfully finished.

Design Index of Electric Drive Centrifugal Gas Injection Compressor Unit

Compressor design displacement / 104Nm3/d


Motor rated power / kW


Rated capacity of converter / kVA


Transformer cooling mode


Frequency converter cooling mode


Primary system scheme drawing and photos on site


NC HVVF 10/6-7500 LO single line diagram


 Motor and compressor on site


Photo of NC HVVF 10/6-7500 LO

Technical Advantages 

TIPM: Transformer Integrity Protect Module for secondary winding failure. When the secondary winding has short circuit, grounding error, inter-turn short circuit and other problems, through the software algorithm, the fault can be diagnosed in time to prevent the expansion of the fault and eliminate security risks.


The power unit is cooled by a single water cooling plate, which has good heat dissipation, low leakage probability and high reliability.

Dc circuit adopts compound busbar, which is moisture-proof and dustproof and has high reliability.

Filter circuit adopts metalized film capacitor, which has long life and high reliability.

The inverter adopts locomotive high voltage IGBT, which has less components and higher reliability.


As a key equipment supplier of compressor units, Nancal Electric has excellent on-site service technology and fast response, which has been highly praised by Petrochina Southwest Oil and gas Field Huangcaoxia Gas Storage Construction Project Department and Sichuan Huacheng Supervision Company. Two letters of commendation are not only an honor but also a responsibility. Nancal Electric will continue to focus on quality, speed and innovation to continuously achieve customer value.

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