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Medium Voltage VSD used in Wenchang Platform


Offshore-Drilling platform


The project is located on a drilling platform in the South China Sea. The natural gas extracted from the wellhead is pressurized by the compression system and dehydrated in the dehydration system. The project used VFD to drive wet gas compressor.

There are 5 centrifugal compressors on site, the power is 1800kW and 2400kW, the rated voltage is 6.3kV.

In daily operation, three motors are in variable-speed operation, and the other two motors (powers are 1800kW and 2240kW respectively) according to the actual working conditions, require grid-drive operation after soft-start, or variable-speed operation.


NANCAL Electric offers four MV-VFD.

The model are NC HVVF 6.3/6.3-1800 and NC HVVF 6.3/6.3-2400.

Input voltage: 6.3kV

Output voltage: 6.3kV

Air cooling VFD with dry phase-shifting transformer

Services include design, production, installation, commissioning, after-sales service, software upgrade, and etc.


Considering the special environment of drilling platform, NANCAL provides services of customization:

1)Each frequency converter is equipped with a pre-charging cabinet to limit the impact current to the grid when the VFD starts

2)  The isolation switch is equipped on the input side to facilitate the maintenance of the inverter if any fault occurs

3)  One-drive-two frequency converter is equipped with reactor and output transfer cabinet, which can realize synchronous transfer between grid and VFD

4)  Current transformer is installed on the output side of the 2240kW inverter for differential protection

5)  The cabinet and internal circuit boards have been specially designed and treated with anti-moisture, anti-salt and anti-mildew, which are suitable for offshore platforms


The project has been constantly operated since its acceptance in March, 2017.

Customer benefits:

1)The inverter not only saves energy for customers, but also reduces the impact to the grid when the motor starts and protects other electrical devices on the platform.

2) Highly customizable one-drive-two inverters reduce customer’s purchase cost and save the space room.

The customers recognized NANCAL’s products and service. Later they purchased an APF for compensate the harmonics of low voltage system.

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