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MV AC drives used to drive Binxin Steel sintering fan




Binxin Steel is one of the leading metallurgy company established in 2008. In this project, there were two units of 10kV 6200kW sintering fan with synchronous motor. One imported brand 7.2kV frequency converter plus one step up transformer to realize the soft start process and up transfer to turbo generator.


Nancal Electric recommended 10kV input & 10kV output frequency converter, no need extra step-up transformer. The new frequency converter has the function of adjusting the speed of the motor to the running state of the steam turbine. The original frequency converter will be used as a backup.


M3&M4 is reserved for the new added fan, the software and hardware interfaces were designed completely according to 1drive4 arrangement. Nancal VFD is ready to work without any modification once the new sintering fan installed.

Working principle

When the turbine is not put into operation, the frequency converter drives the motor to start and adjust the speed. When the steam turbine works, motor driven by both converter and the steam turbine. Besides providing complete system monitoring, the control system is responsible for the coordination of medium and low voltage power distribution cabinets, frequency converter, synchronous motor excitation system, blower and auxiliary system and steam turbine parts, meanwhile, realize the safe operation control of sintering fan according to the operating mode of steam turbine.

Benefits &feedback

Nancal proposal can realize the following functions:

1) To realize the soft start and speed regulation of the sintering fan motor

2) It has the function of monitoring and controlling the signals of the medium and low voltage power distribution, excitation system, lubrication and other auxiliary systems related to the variable frequency operation system of the sintering fan, so as to realize the safety interlock and necessary protection for the operation.

3) With the monitoring function, it can coordinate the work of the steam turbine and automatically adapt to the running state of the steam turbine, and control the VFD to ensure the safe operation of the sintering fan

4) Corresponding operating devices such as starting and stopping of sintering fan, selection of operating mode and operation of auxiliary system are configured. Meanwhile, complete state indicating, alarm, stopping and other indicating devices are also equipped.

5) The touch screen is configured to realize the system's parameter setting, monitoring operation, status display, data storage, query and other functions

After it was installed in July 2020, Nancal MV VFD works well until now.



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