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Nancal MINI-Series VFD used in Acoustic Wind Tunnel Test Bench


Test Bench-Wind Tunnel


There are totally seven units of compressors and two bus bars at site,

3*1000kW motors are on busbar I, 4*1300kW motors are on busbar II.

Customer need to soft start these 7units of motors and transfer to grid.

In their former design, each busbar will be equipped with a frequency drives. VFD1 will drive 3units of 1000kW motors, VFD2 will drive 4units of 1300kW motors.

And the end user prefer to world top brands. But due to the urgent delivery time, they are looking for alternative solution.


Nancal Electric modified and shipped one inventory VFD immediately and arrange the on-site commissioning within two weeks,

Nancal VFD model: NC HVVF 10/10-1000

Input voltage: 10kV

Output voltage: 10kV

Air cooling

With dry type phase shifting transformer.

By this frequency drives, End user can start each motor in turn and synchronous transfer to grid after starting.


test bench
Benefits & Feedback

The EPC has completed the acceptance of the project within the specified time, and the end user is happy with the “zero failure” of Nancal frequency drives during the operation.


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