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shore power-nantong418312.png
Shore Power-Nantong port

Nancal low voltage shore power in Nantong port, used to change the port voltage to charge vessels with different voltage

hairun shore power-418312.png
Shore Power-Hairun port

Nancal shore power in Xiamen Hairun Terminal The use of shore power for ships berthed in the port can effectively reduce environmental pollution and noise, and also play the role of energy saving and consumption reduction, which is the main trend of power supply for ships in the future port.

shore power-xinhang418312.png
Shore Power-Guangzhou port

Nancal 2Units of AMP-L series low voltage shore power used in Guangzhou port.

shore power-fujian418312.png
Shore Power- Fujian port

Nancal 5MVA low voltage shore power used in Fujian Putian port

shore power-jurong418312.png
Shore Power-Jurong port

Nancal AMP-H Medium voltage shore power used in Jurong port Input voltage: 11kV Output voltage: 6.6kV Capacity: 1250kVA

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