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How to keep the equipment working continuously and steadily

Demands: Need equipment to work continuously and steadily NANCAL Solution: ProCon (Process Continuous) is a technological package which could ensure the continuous operating of MV drive under short-term fluctuations of power supply caused by thunder, storm or other reasons. ProCon integrates multipl

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If a single module bypass, how to realize the inverter non-stop

Demands: a single module fault should not result in the inverter shutdown NANCAL Solution: Power cell bypass with neutral point shifting technology Power cell bypass When a power cell (module) fails, MV drive can automatic bypass failure power cell and keep running without trip. If compared with tr

Nancal MV FI used in pipeline Heihe station

Nancal MV FI used in pipeline Heihe station Industry Oil & gas Overview Project name: The first station of Sino-Russia pipeline, Heihe Loading: Compressor Nancal products: 4 sets of 10kV 23MVA water cooling VFD Model: NC HVVF 10/10-23000LO Input voltage:10kV Output voltage: 10kV Cooling method: Water cooling

hairun shore power-418312.png
Shore Power-Hairun port

Nancal shore power in Xiamen Hairun Terminal The use of shore power for ships berthed in the port can effectively reduce environmental pollution and noise, and also play the role of energy saving and consumption reduction, which is the main trend of power supply for ships in the future port.

shore power-xinhang418312.png
Shore Power-Guangzhou port

Nancal 2Units of AMP-L series low voltage shore power used in Guangzhou port.

shore power-jurong418312.png
Shore Power-Jurong port

Nancal AMP-H Medium voltage shore power used in Jurong port Input voltage: 11kV Output voltage: 6.6kV Capacity: 1250kVA

Low Voltage Inverter used in HVAC

Special Requirements1) High accuracy 2) 6-pulse IGBT rectifier OverviewInput voltage: 380VOutput voltage: 480VRated capacity: 355kW

MV Converter used in sewage treatment plant

Nancal Electric HVVF series converter used in sewage treatment plant

paper 418312.png
Nancal Electric 690V converter used in paper industry

Nancal EVFD series industrial AC drives used in Paper factory LoadingsNet machine, squeeze machine, dryer, calender, rolling machine etc…

Low Voltage Industrial AC Drives used in Ningbo Steel Factory

Nancal Low voltage industrial AC drives used in Ningbo steel factoryNC EVFD low voltage industrial drive in Main Rolling Mill of a Stainless Steel Plant in Ningbo Shanghai Nancal Electric Co., Ltd provides overall solution and project implementation.

Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter used in Tarim oil filed

Medium voltage frequency inverter used inTarim oil filed Loading: Centrifugal propane compressor Motor information: 10kV 4500kW 302A Asynchronous motor

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MV Frequency Inverter Used in 2m×1.5m Acoustic Wind Tunnel Test Bench

2m×1.5m Acoustic Wind Tunnel Test Bench Project of Aerodynamic Research InstituteIndustryTest Bench-Wind TunnelObjective2m×1.5m Acoustic Wind Tunnel Test Bench Project of Aerodynamic Research InstituteThe rated voltage of compressor: 6kVRated power:1550kWInput voltage: 10kVSolutionBase on the acoust

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