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If a single module bypass, how to realize the inverter non-stop

Demands: A single module failure does not cause the inverter stopped.


NANCAL Electric Solution:

Neutral piont shifting technology of power cell bypass.

MV drive will be bypassed automatically and keep running normally, when  the faults of one cell exists. 


If compared with traditional bypass technology, Nancal has patented “Neutral point shifting” technology which can obviously rise the output voltage after bypass the failure power cell.

The principle as follows:

Based on the traditional bypass technology, once one power cell faulted (no matter installed in any phase of drive), to keep the balance of output voltage, the other two cells(installed on the other phase) needs to be bypassed at the same time although they running normally.

Combine with the“Neutral point shifting”technology, just the  faulted cells need to be bypassed  by shifting the neutral point, finally to maintain the balance of output voltage of system(A to C). 


If compared the above picture, we can see that Nancal’s power cell bypass can get the higher voltage output.

** In some configurations, by bypassing a power unit, the NANCAL inverter can still output 100% of the rated motor voltage.


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