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How to keep the equipment working continuously and steadily

Demands: Need equipment to work continuously and steadily


NANCAL Electric Solution:


ProCon (Process Continuous) is a technological package which could ensure the continuous operating of MV drive under short-term fluctuations of power supply caused by thunder, storm or other reasons.


ProCon integrates multiply technologies including: kinetic energy buffering LVRT(Low Voltage Ride Through),spinning load pick up and intelligent torque limit of quadratic load, etc.


MV drive equipped with ProCon could solve power supply problem at the maximum level. The equipment could be ensured to run continuously without the interference of power source and external mechanical load as much as possible.


LVRT, also known as low voltage ride through.

When the external power supply appears temporary or dynamic voltage fluctuations, like voltage transients, voltage sags or even power loss, variable frequency converters can keep continuous working without trip, and maximize the stability of the output voltage, reduce the occurrence of failure rate.


Spinning load pick up:

If the power loss time is longer than the VFD shaking time, when the power supply is restored,the converter can automatically search and track the motor speed and restore the normal running state (speed tracking technology) according to the set acceleration and deceleration time to ensure the safe operation of the unit without tripping. During the switching process of the main power supply busbar, the system can automatically identify the voltage change at the network side, and the system protection will not stop; After the voltage of the power grid is restored, the equipment will be automatically started and run to the given frequency value to meet the high reliability requirements.


Square torque load intelligent limit

The load of fan, water pump and compressor is called square torque load, the characteristic is that its load torque is basically proportional to the square of the speed. So once the inverter detects that the load torque reaches the limit value, it can limit the load torque by limiting the speed of the inverter. Prevent the inverter and motor from overloading. When the load torque is lower than the limit value, the inverter can automatically increase the speed.


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