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Nancal Electric 690V converter used in paper industry

Nancal EVFD series industrial AC drives used in Paper factory LoadingsNet machine, squeeze machine, dryer, calender, rolling machine etc…

NC EVFD Industrial AC Drives used in Jieyang Steel Factory

NC EVFD industrial AC drives used in Jieyang steel Loadings SG-650 4-roll reversible cold rolling mill TargetRoll the 6mm thickness steel plate to 0.18mm sheet

The AFE AC drives used for main rolling mill realized localization

In the field of general-use AC frequency converter , after years of development, domestic frequency converters have occupied a large share in the domestic market and have gained a firm foothold.

NANCAL Industrial AC Drives successfully applied to Flying Shears

Following the successful application of the hot rolling mill, the NANCAL EVFD series industrial AC drive module has recently successfully replaced imported inverter modules in a flying shear in a large steel plant.

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