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NANCAL Industrial AC Drives successfully applied to Flying Shears

Following the successful application of the hot rolling mill, the NANCAL EVFD series industrial AC drive module has recently successfully replaced imported inverter modules in a flying shear in a large steel plant.

The existing electric drive system of the steel mill's flying shears originally used a certain international famous brand engineering inverter with a rated voltage of 690V. This drive system has been running for a long time in the field, and its supporting inverter products have been discontinued. However, the upgraded replacement products of this brand are expensive and incompatible with the old system. Therefore, in the actual production process, steel mills face shortages of related spare parts, extremely high prices, long supply cycles, and risk of supply interruption, so that there is a greater hidden danger of equipment downtime, affecting normal production. If the entire transmission system is replaced, the transformation is difficult and will incur high costs, which will seriously affect production.

Shanghai Nancal Electric Co., Ltd. conducted an in-depth analysis of the actual problems faced by the steel mill, combined with the successful application of the company’s existing engineering transmission products in the metallurgical industry, and provided the principle of reducing enterprise costs and improving enterprise benefits. Two NCS800-104-0580-7 modules seamlessly replace the original imported module, and the module is replaced within 30 minutes and started up and running.

The NANCAL Electric industrial AC drives module is fully compatible with the imported brand module and can be seamlessly upgraded and replaced. These two modules have the same external dimensions and the same interface (software parameters, I/O interface and host computer communication do not need to be modified), and can be directly driven by the original control unit. During the upgrade process, the original cabinet does not need to be modified, and its inverter module is directly replaced to realize plug and play, which greatly reduces the transformation cycle and operation and maintenance costs of the enterprise.

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