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The AFE AC drives used for main rolling mill realized localization

In the field of general-use AC frequency converter , after years of development, domestic frequency converters have occupied a large share in the domestic market and have gained a firm foothold. However, in the main rolling production line of the metallurgical industry, due to the complex rolling mill technology and extremely high requirements on the AC drive system, for many years, foreign imported brands such as Siemens and ABB have been dominating the market.

In order to realize the localization of AC variable frequency drives for main rolling mills in the metallurgical industry, Shanghai Nancal Electric Co., Ltd. has launched the NC EVFD series of industrial AC drives, adopting a common DC bus multi-drives scheme, modular design, high power density, and DC capacitors using metal film Capacitor and motor control adopts high-performance vector control algorithm, high speed and torque control accuracy, fast dynamic response, can drive asynchronous motors and synchronous motors, support four-quadrant operation, and fully meet the application requirements of AC drive for main rolling mills in the metallury industry.

Recently, the commissioning of a high-power single-stand cold-rolling reversible rolling mill production line of a stainless steel manufacturer in Ningbo has been completed. The overall solutions and engineering implementation of the electrical drive and automatic control system of the production line are all contracted by Nancal Electric, including main rolling and coiling. , pression, etc. all adopt NC EVFD series inverter, 690V voltage, common DC bus, four-quadrant IGBT re-generative rectifier. 

The successful application of the national AC drive for the main rolling mill production line in the metallurgical industry has been realized, which is of great significance for the localization of the AC frequency conversion of the main rolling mill in the metallurgical industry in the future.

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