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Master-slave HVVF frequency drives used in conveyor

Nancal HVVF series drives can be used in constant torque control such as conveyor. The key control performance is to realize the coordination between multi-motors.

coking plant418312.jpg
Nancal Electric Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter used in Henan coking plant

IndustryMiningObjectiveAccording to the environmental requirements, the offgas in coking plant needs to be desulfurized and denitrified before discharged.There are 4 induced draft fans on the customer site to guide the coking flue gas to the desulfurization tower and denitrification reactor.

sst-mining 418312.png
Soft Starter used in Mining

Nancal NC3S series 6kV 140A solid soft starter used in mining The end user is the top mining company located in Azerbaijan. Loading: exhaust fans Voltage: 6kV Current: 140A Quantity: 5Units Reduce the motor stating current from 7times to 3.5times of the rated current.

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