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The Application of LVRT of NC HVVF Series VFD

Demands: A single module failure does not cause the inverter stopped. NANCAL Electric Solution:Neutral piont shifting technology of power cell bypass.MV drive will be bypassed automatically and keep running normally, when the faults of one cell exists. If compared with traditional bypass technology

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Nancal Electric won the bid for high-speed PMG four-quadrant VFD

Recently, Nancal Electric won the bid for a megawatt-level high-speed PMG four-quadrant VFD project.

The application of Nancal Electric medium voltage drive in the first gas storage of centrifugal compressor in China

Storage is an energy infrastructure integrating the functions of seasonal peak regulation, emergency gas supply and national energy strategic reserve. As a key equipment supplier of compressor units, Nancal Electric has excellent on-site service technology and fast response, which has been highly praised by Petrochina Southwest Oil and gas Field Huangcaoxia Gas Storage Construction Project Department and Sichuan Huacheng Supervision Company. ​

How to keep the equipment working continuously and steadily

Demands: Need equipment to work continuously and steadily NANCAL Solution: ProCon (Process Continuous) is a technological package which could ensure the continuous operating of MV drive under short-term fluctuations of power supply caused by thunder, storm or other reasons. ProCon integrates multipl

HVVF converter used for Catalytic diesel hydro-treating unit

IndustryPetrochemical ObjectiveIn petrochemical industry, the one of main energy consuming equipment is the pump. The traditional drive solution can only run at the grid with fixed speed through the valve throttling to hydraulic coupling for speed regulation.

Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter used in Tarim oil filed

Medium voltage frequency inverter used inTarim oil filed Loading: Centrifugal propane compressor Motor information: 10kV 4500kW 302A Asynchronous motor

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