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APF used in Offshore Drilling Platform



Oil platform

Particular Requirements

Particular requirements for APF from offshore drilling platforms.

Offshore drilling platforms have special requirements for equipment in terms of protection level, equipment dimension, cooling method and safety.

It is necessary to consider the influence of salty corrosion on the equipment, as well as the fire protection. All cables must use low-smoke halogen free cables.

In addition, the space on the platform is limited, both the living area and the operation area have high space requirements, so the width of the single cabinet is required to be within 600mm width, 800mm depth and 2200mm height.

Due to the limitation of the working environment of the offshore platform, the operation and monitoring of the equipment mainly rely on communication. The equipment must support the mainstream communication protocols such as DP, CAN and Ethernet.

Nancal active power filter has been fully considered in hardware and software to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the device in the offshore platform environment.


The main load on Penglai offshore drilling platform includes mud pump, winch, top drive, etc., which are adopts converter for drive.

The frequency converter adopts the conventional six-pulse diode rectifier, which will generate a large number of harmonics, mainly concentrated in 6n±1 times.

These harmonics seriously affect the safety of electrical equipment: causing serious voltage distortion, system power factor reduction, overheating of cables and transformers, accelerated insulation aging, power supply interruption is caused by instrument misoperation, all these will affect the stability and security of the whole platform power system.

Through actual detection, the total harmonic current generated by 7 inverters (6*600kW+1*920kW) is 581A. In the high drilling speed, the total harmonic current is 594A. 

Finally, the active filter with rated current of 600A was selected accordingly.


After the active power filter was put into operation, the total harmonic current distortion decreased from 27.3% to 3.8%, which fully met the requirements of relevant standards.



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