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We are hiring

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Job title


Power electronics fundamental research Engineer


Power electronics R&D engineer


Product application engineer


Software engineer


Power quality R&D test engineer


Pre-sales technical support engineer


Power quality product engineer


Electrical engineer


Test engineer


Structural engineer


After-sales service engineer

Shanghai, Russia

General manager assistant 


Country manager (Asia market)Vietnam, Parkistan,Indonesia

Overseas sales engineer

Shanghai, Russia

Domestic sales engineer


Power Electronics Fundamental Research Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Track the latest technology developments in the industry 

2、 Conduct basic technology research on power electronics and frequency drives

3、 Conduct related theoretical research, including simulation research

4、Assist in solving technical problems encountered during product development



1、 Master's degree or above in power electronics, electrical transmission and related fields, with strong theoretical foundation

2、 Strong learning ability and good sense of teamwork


Power Electronics R&D Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Responsible for power circuit and topology analysis of power electronic products

2、 Responsible for the selection and thermal design of the main circuit power device such as diodes, IGBTs, inductors, etc.

3、 Proficient in using PCB drawing software, complete related schematic diagram and PCB design

4、 Independently complete product debugging and problem solving, as well as related test documentation



1、 Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering, control engineering, automation ,etc

2、 Familiar with basic power electronic circuit principle and related test equipment

3、 Familiar with the main power circuit design, thermal design and magnetic circuit design of power electronic technology and related products


Product Application Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Responsible for the development of applications for medium voltage inverters and low voltage industrial AC drives in key industries, make product technical proposal and solutions.

2、 Technical communication with key customers



1、 Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering, automation, power electronics, etc

2、 Requires familiarity with the principle and application of frequency converters, 2 years and above working experience in related industries

3、 Good command of professional English

4、 Can adapt to business trip

5、 Strong written and oral communication skills, standard Mandarin, outgoing personality


Software Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Responsible for the development and debugging of control software for power quality products

2、 Responsible for solving problems related to power quality products and software



1、 Bachelor degree or above, major in power electronics, electrical or related

2、 Understand the related topologies of power electronics

3、 Master the control algorithm and software programming of power electronics related products

4、 More than 2 years of experience in software development of related products 

5、 Product software development experience with active power filter or static var generator is preferred


Power Quality R&D Test Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Product test scheme design

2、 Functional testing and performance testing of products

3、 Assist the factory to solve the problems encountered during testing and debugging



1、 College degree or above, major in electrical engineering or power electronics

2、 Familiar with electrical components and electrical principles

3、 Capable of electrical design

4、 Experience in APF, SVG product testing is preferred

5、 At least 1 year working experience in related field


Pre-sales Technical Support Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Responsible for the pre-sales technical support of medium and low voltage inverters, shore power, power quality products, and medium voltage soft starts

2、 Responsible for the preparation of product promotional materials, project bidding documents and technical agreements

3、 Cooperate with sales to promote the market, explain product advantages and technology, cooperate with sales to communicate with customers on technology



1、 College degree or above, major in electrical engineering and automation, power electronics, power transmission, etc

2、 Familiar with basic knowledge and principle of frequency converter and power quality products, working experience in frequency converter, power quality products or inverter related industry is preferred

3、 Strong communication ability, standard mandarin, articulate, extroverted personality

4、 Can adapt to frequent business travels


Power Quality Product Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Analyze, deal with and summarize the problems in the production process of power quality products, and put forward suggestions for improvement

2、 Guide the handling of on-site problems of power quality products, analyze, summarize, and put forward suggestions for improvement

3、 Build a test platform to cooperate with R&D and testing

4、 Improve test instructions, assembly instructions and other process documents

5、 Suggest improvements to product performance, etc.



1、 Bachelor degree or above in mechanical and electrical related majors

2、 Familiar with the principles of active filters, reactive power compensation and other products

3、 Familiar with the debugging and measuring instruments of power quality products

Electrical Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 According to the technical agreement and customer requirements, design and draw electrical schematic diagram, wiring diagram, layout diagram, etc., prepare the list of components, test report and other technical documents

2、 Selection of related electrical components

3、 Change and maintain PLC programs according to customer requirements and product functions

4、 Guide production for installation and testing; guide and assist in on-site commissioning after sales



1、 Bachelor degree or above, major in electric power, mechatronics, automation or related

2、 Have knowledge and experience in automation control and electrical circuit design, and be proficient in PLC control logic programming and configuration software programming

3、 Master computer-aided software to design electrical drawings

4、 Familiar with electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet layout, electrical component selection and electrical drawing related standards


Test Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Carry out product test according to test outline, instruction book, etc.

2、 Compile test plan and test report

3、 Assist to set up test platform, cooperate with R & D and technology dept. to carry out related tests

4、 Carry out daily spot check and maintenance for test equipment

5、 Cooperate with production for after-sales support when necessary



1、 College degree or above, major in mechatronics, electrical automation, etc

2、 Familiar with electrical circuit control and electrical components, able to understand electrical diagrams

3、 Experience in active power filter, medium voltage frequency converter.Medium voltage electrician operation certificate is preferred

4、 Familiar with PLC program control logic, able to understand ladder diagram

5、 Familiar with the use of various test instruments such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, and withstand voltage testers


Structural Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 According to the project technical agreement, user requirements, product characteristics, etc., carry out the structural design of the product, and output the design drawings, parts list, processing requirements, etc.

2、 Compile technical documents such as installation instructions

3、 Solve the technical problems in the production and assembly process of the product, and propose solutions

4、 Cooperate with new product development structure design



1、 College degree or above, major in mechanical or mechatronics

2、 Have a certain in-depth understanding and experience in power electronic structure design, and have certain electrical knowledge

3、 Familiar with sheet metal processing technology

4、 Proficient in computer related technical software

5、 Familiar with relevant national/international standards and industry standards, can understand and apply


After-sales Service Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Master the working principles of the company’s products, such as medium voltage inverters and active power filters, and use related expertise to independently complete the whole machine test in the factory

2、 Complete on-site aftersales service for medium voltage inverters, active power filters and other products, including installation, commissioning, on-site coordination, etc., adapt to irregular business trips

3、 Assist factory in product testing



1、 College degree or above, major in electrical engineering and automation, power electronics or related

2、 Have a high sense of responsibility and professionalism, adapt to long-term business trips

3、 Have strong coordination skills for on-site work and communicate well with users


General Manager assistant 

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Meeting organization, meeting minutes and implementation

2、 Compilation and review of relevant documents

3、 Customer reception and external relations coordination

4、 Key customer tracking and service



1、 Bachelor degree or above, working experience in electrical industry is preferred

2、 Solid foundation in official document writing, good communication, organization, management and coordination skills


Country manager -Vietnam,Indonesia,Parkistan 

Base: Vietnam,Indonesia,Parkistan


1- Responsible for the sales of frequency converter products in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos  

2- Collect market information, including key industry information, important project information and competitor analysis  

3- Keep contact with the head office, participate in the development of sales strategy in the region and implement sales tasks.  


1-At least 3 years working experience in industrial automation, medium voltage motor, medium voltage distribution cabinet, frequency drives, DCS, SCADA, etc.  

2- Major in power electronics, electrical automation, etc  

3- Good communication in English or Chinese.  

4- Successful cases in oil&gas, cement , metallurgy, power plant, sewage are preferred.

Overseas Sales Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for customer development, product sales, channel construction and management of the company's products in overseas market.



1、 International trade, automation, electrical, mechanical, and other majors are preferred

2、 Experience in overseas market sales of motors, inverters and power quality products is preferred

3、 Fluent in written and oral communication in English

4、 Can deal with independent overseas business trips, participate in exhibitions, visit customers, and assist engineers in installing and debugging equipment.


Domestic sales Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Responsible for the sales of the company's products

2、 Responsible for channel construction and management

3、 Responsible for the cooperation between design institute and OEMs

4、 Responsible for project tracking, implementation and maintenance of key end customers

5、 Cooperate with the company to achieve the sales goals and plans



1、 Experience in chemical, metallurgy, HVAC, shipbuilding and marine engineering, and water conservancy industries is preferred

2、 Experience in electrical equipment management, design, and procurement in related industries is preferred

3、 Be familiar with design institutes and OEMs and target customer groups

4、 Have a certain understanding of industry process and technology

5、 Familiar with the application of electrical equipment in the industry

6、 Experience with medium voltage inverter or medium voltage motor is preferred


We are waiting for you at Nancal Electrical. We are looking forward to your joining


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