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EVFD Frequency Converter Used in Ningxia Tire Factory


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The end user has been using a low-voltage AC drive from a world-renowned brand for many years. As the life of the drive increased, the failure rate increased year after year. The failure rate was as high as 4-5 times per year. Each failure caused long periods of downtime.

The only way to solve the problem is to contact the manufacturer for unexpected failures. The confusion faced by users were as follows:

  • The procurement cycle for the required spare parts was long.

  • High costs did not meet the actual production needs of the plant.

Seeking maintenance also faces the following problems:

  • High maintenance costs, including additional costs such as spare parts repair and personnel travel.

  • Timeliness of repairs and procurement of parts cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes it might complete the repair witin a week or more.

  • The warranty period for repaired products is only 3 months.















For saving the cost and time of our end user’s, Nancal Electric suggested to choose 2 of NCS800-104-0510-3 (400V/750A) IGBT inverter module to take place of the existing 656A&741A modules.

The NCS800 series of Nancal Electric have extensive compatibility and substitutability to different models of this world famous brand. Seamless upgrade and replacement can be achieved.

The NCS800 series of modules have the same appearance size and interface with the imported brand (including software parameters, I/O interface and upper computer communication), and can be directly driven by the original control unit.

The original cabinet does not make any changes in the transformed process. The whole process of changing is within 60 minutes, which minimizes the enterprise's maintenance costs.

  • The same model can replace two different existing models, which simplifies the maintenance and procurement workload.

  • NCS800 is a series of products independently developed by Shanghai Nancal Electric Co., Ltd. The supply is sufficient, which solves the concerns of the end user for long-term purchase of spare parts.

  • The renovation cost is much lower than the purchase of imported spare parts.

  • The warranty period of the inverter module is extended after the replacement.The new inverter module can extend the life cycle of the whole drive for more than 10 years.

  • The system is stable and reliable with low fault rate.

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